How can you tell if there is asbestos in your home?

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When you purchase any home in Illinois, it is important that you know it is safe from harmful materials that were once used to build. One of these materials is asbestos and according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners should now how to identify any material in the home that may contain asbestos. Many homes contain material with asbestos without the owner’s awareness.

It is rarely possible to tell if something has asbestos just by looking at it. If you are planning to remodel your home or you have building materials that are damaged in the home, it is a good idea to seek the opinion of an accredited and trained asbestos professional. New building can disturb old materials and release asbestos into the air. Crumbling insulation and drywall may also release harmful materials into the air.

If it is determined that there is asbestos in your home, you should limit access to the area, particularly for children. Take every precaution to keep those living in your home and those visiting away from the material. Have repair and removal done by a trained professional agency.

Do not sweep, dust or vacuum up any material that may have asbestos in it. Do not drill holes in, saw, sand or scrape any material with asbestos in it. If you fear your flooring has asbestos in it, do not ever use a power stripper, abrasive brushes or pads. Take precautions to avoid tracking the material through your house. If it is an area that you must walk through regularly, clean it with a wet mop.

Serious medical conditions can develop from exposure to asbestos. If you have become ill because of exposure, you may benefit from speaking to an attorney about your situation.

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