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Advocating For Victims Of Silica Dust Exposure

Last updated on January 4, 2021

Although the hazards of silica exposure have been known for a century, some business owners did nothing to prevent workers from breathing in this harmful dust. Employers could have taken steps to reduce these by outfitting employees with appropriate equipment and establishing safety protocols. These actions could be costly, however: When companies prioritize profit over your welfare, you pay the price.

At Wylder Corwin Kelly LLP, our lawyers have over a century of combined legal experience advocating for victims affected by exposure to dangerous substances, including asbestos and silica. Our Bloomington firm holds negligent companies accountable for failing to address known workplace hazards. We have an impressive record of success, which is one reason injury victims throughout Illinois, the United States, and Canada contact us for help.

Learn More About Silica

The chemical compound silicon dioxide, also known as silica, occurs in nature in several forms, including quartz and opal. Silica is the most common constituent in sand, usually in the form of quartz. Silica is used in a variety of applications, including glass, clay-based ceramics, firebrick and types of cement (e.g., Portland Cement).

Health Problems Linked To Inhaling Silica Dust

Inhaling silica dust can lead to silicosis or lung cancer. Silica is also associated with the development of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Silicosis (lung scarring caused by silica inhalation) is one of the oldest known occupational lung diseases, or pneumoconioses. It is incurable and leads to shortness of breath and other respiratory problems, which can lead to death.

Traditionally, those occupations involved in foundry work, glass-making, brick-making, brick-laying and sandblasting are at risk of silica disease. If you or a loved one was exposed to silica dust while working in construction, manufacturing, or another related industry, you may be entitled to compensation for your workplace injuries.

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