How does COPD affect you?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2019 | Asbestos |

Illinois residents like you may have spent time working, studying, or living in or around asbestos. Unfortunately, there are still some older buildings that have it, and if you grew up in a time in which it was not yet illegal, you may be suffering from the side effects caused by exposure. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD, is one potential effect.

Mayo Clinic discusses COPD, including its symptoms, causes, and how it can impact your life. COPD can vary on how it shows up within each individual and the severity at which it impacts your life. However, it can cause a number of disturbances to your quality of life overall. It can make it difficult to breathe and for your body to process oxygen properly. As COPD does not currently have a cure, it also often leads to complications that can result in disablement or death.

COPD is caused by irritation to the lungs over time through various means. For example, people who work with strong chemicals may develop COPD. Because of the irritating nature of asbestos and its ill effects on the lungs, COPD is a possibility it can cause. You can treat COPD, but treatments can be costly and can include specialized medical equipment and frequent visits to the doctors in order to monitor your health. You may need to take trips to the emergency room as well.

Accordingly, if you find yourself facing COPD because of environments that used asbestos unsafely in the past, you may want to consider what your compensation options may be. It can allow you to seek damages on a financial level.