Asbestos claims continue without asbestos ban

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Verdicts |

What surprises many people is to hear that asbestos still exists in Illinois. Despite the clear dangers of the product to humans, there are still a few uses in the United States. There are regulations and near bans on the product, but exposure still occurs. Likewise, many people experienced asbestos years ago and are only now showing symptoms. At Wylder Corwin Kelly, we focus on compensation for those who were exposed 

There is no complete ban of asbestos. There are products that cannot enter the market and companies cannot include asbestos in new products. In fact, persons or businesses have to notify the EPA at least 90 days before commencing any processing, manufacturing or importing of asbestos. 

According to the EPA, asbestos undergoes risk evaluation but still has the following uses: 

  • Vehicle friction products 
  • Sheet gaskets 
  • Aftermarket brakes 
  • Oilfield brake blocks 
  • Asbestos diaphragms 

The problem is what asbestos can do the body. The fibers are carcinogenic and lead to cancer in the lungs. These fibers make it harder to breathe. To make it more difficult to diagnose, the problems do not occur right away. Years later, you may recognize the signs of a breathing condition or mesothelioma. 

Many industries may have workers who encounter asbestos. Construction contractors, manufacturers, mechanics and firefighters all have risks when it comes to asbestos. In addition, family members and friends may also be at risk because asbestos fibers travel easily. The fibers can cling to clothing and bodies. Asbestos embeds in the lining of your lungs and leads to advanced mesothelioma. More information on asbestos is on our page.