Secondary asbestos exposure a danger to loved ones

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Even if it seems unfathomable, asbestos still exists. While new construction standards limit its use, this harmful building material is still present in older structures and some standard building materials. 

Even with protective gear, some workers may find themselves exposed to asbestos particles. When this happens, they may unwittingly bring the invasive particulates home. Doing this may cause a secondary exposure issue for loved ones. Our legal team wishes to help familiarize you with this phenomenon so you can keep yourself safe from harm or understand why you have symptoms of exposure. 

Secondary exposure still occurs 

As the use of asbestos declined, so has the rate of infection. However, there are still occupations that must deal with possible contact with the material. These include jobs in: 

  • Construction 
  • Farming 
  • Fire rescue 
  • Engineering 
  • Factories 

Even with strict protocol on handling anything with asbestos, these workers may wind up with particulates on clothes. Tracking it home means there is a chance that it finds its way into carpets, food and water. 

The depth of exposure does not matter 

Since asbestos use was more prominent decades ago, there is a chance you may start having symptoms of asbestos-related illnesses, even without ever working a day with it in your life. This is due to the secondary exposure from a family member. Secondary exposure is just as deadly as primary exposure. Asbestos particles make their way through to the lungs and stay that way for years. It does not take a high number of particles to make a person sick. In fact, any amount of the substance has the potential to make anyone exposed equally ill. 

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