Should I see a doctor if I am exposed to asbestos?

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Asbestos is a harmful substance that is not widely used in the United States except in a few industries. This substance used to be a main supply for the construction industry, but after reports of illnesses linked to it, the government cracked down on its use and put regulations in place. Even with these regulations, asbestos still appears in some products and in buildings. When left unharmed, it is generally safe and will not cause injuries, but if you have exposure to asbestos dust, then you may have a reason for concern. 

Self explains that most concerns about asbestos are due to long-term exposure, which means you need to have consistent contact with the substance. A one-time exposure introduces a relatively low risk. You probably do not need to rush to the doctor after a single exposure. 

Asbestos materials are not immediately dangerous 

Many older buildings still contain asbestos. In general, professionals will not remove it if it is in good condition because it is the disturbance that increases the risk. When the fibers become airborne in dust, that is when health issues are a concern. If you are simply living in a building that contains asbestos, it is usually not anything to worry about. 

Exposure amount is key 

You still should not worry if you have had limited exposure to asbestos. Medical experts say that the length of exposure affects how much asbestos gets into your lungs and body. It is the amount of asbestos that really matters. If you continue to face exposure, then you may have a concern. 

Time matters 

One thing to note about asbestos exposure is that it does not cause symptoms until long after exposure. So, you will not experience any negative effects right after your exposure. By the time you start to experience symptoms, you will usually have a medical condition that is progressing and already in a serious stage.