Are some workers at a risk for asbestos exposure?

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At one time, asbestos in buildings was common. Tiles, roofing material, and insulation all contained it. Asbestos exposure could cause mesothelioma cancer, which is the main reason why the substance is no longer so commonplace. Unfortunately, older homes and businesses in Illinois and around the country may have asbestos in them. Property owners may call an asbestos removal service to eliminate the substance, and those professionals find themselves at risk for exposure. Recently, the FDA acknowledged other workers could face severe health risks due to asbestos exposure.

Recent controversies about asbestos risks

Asbestos is not only found in homes or other dwellings, although these structures might be the most associated with asbestos exposure. Its presence elsewhere presents hazards to anyone working around the substance.

The FDA’s final evaluation made notes of risks presented to workers involved with the chlor-alkali industry, automotive aftermarket parts, sheet gaskets in chemical production, and oil industry brake blocks. This final risk evaluation turned out to be controversial, as critics suggest it is not complete.

Controversies extend to Congress, as a bill that would establish a federal ban on asbestos appears stalled. Stumbling blocks seem to result from concerns about how new legislation may affect current asbestos-related litigation.

Liabilities associated with asbestos exposure

Since asbestos presents known risks to health, including the potential to cause cancer, negligent exposure could lead to a lawsuit. Employers who ignore safety rules and regulations regarding asbestos could face a civil suit. Negligence may involve not providing necessary training or utilizing improper safety equipment.

Failing to tell people asbestos exists in a particular area could also be negligence. Property owners may find themselves facing lawsuits due to their omissions.

Asbestos health hazards present risks to people’s health. The FDA and Congress take steps to deal with issues related to asbestos, but controversies might exist. Persons suffering from asbestos exposure could speak with an attorney about filing a lawsuit.