Are you at risk for developing mesothelioma?

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Most Illinois residents have heard about the dangers of the fiber substance called asbestos. This was a commonly used building material until the late 1990s. It’s most commonly found in insulation and can be harmful to people that come in contact with it.

A rise in mesothelioma

A rise in mesothelioma is a medical health condition that is caused by asbestos inhalation. When a person inhales the asbestos fibers through their nose or mouth, it can cause inflammation throughout the body, including the lining of the lungs. Most cases of mesothelioma begin anywhere from 20 to 40 years after repeated exposure to asbestos.

This condition is classified as a deadly form of cancer that develops in the thin layer of tissue that surrounds your organs. This tissue layer is called the mesothelium. A survey of patients who were diagnosed with mesothelioma revealed that asbestos exposure was the number one cause of this condition.

What’s so dangerous in asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance in the environment around us. It’s made up of a strong mineral material that is known to be resistant to heat. This makes it a very useful product for a variety of applications, including shingles, flooring, installation and brakes. However, when the asbestos fibers are broken up into dust, they can easily be inhaled. When they’re inhaled, they can irritate the lungs or stomach. In some cases, asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma.

Those who have worked around asbestos for multiple years are at a higher risk for developing mesothelioma. Just because a person has been exposed to asbestos does not mean that they will develop this condition. However, it’s always a good idea to talk to your medical health professional if you start to notice any symptoms associated with this condition.