Where are you likely to encounter asbestos?

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Many workers have likely heard of the dangers of asbestos at least vaguely over the years, even if you may not have heard of anything too detailed. After all, asbestos is a big potential health hazard.

What makes it even more of a risk is the fact that you can still find asbestos in plenty of places across the country, despite the fact that it is no longer legally allowed for use in construction and so on. You can help yourself stay safe by understanding the most common sources of asbestos and where you are most likely to find it.

Asbestos inside buildings

Asbestos Awareness discusses common places that you can find asbestos in. Buildings built or renovated before 1987 often serve as the biggest source of asbestos-related products, as asbestos held many uses in the construction industry right up until it got banned from use in 2003.

Bonded asbestos cement may have seen use in roofing shingles, guttering, flue and water drainage pipes, the backing of coverings for your floor, and fibro sheeting in the ceiling and walls. Hail, water blasting and fire damage can turn bonded asbestos into friable asbestos material and a specialist must come in to handle removal.

Outdoor sources

You can also find asbestos in outdoor sources as well. The most common places to find it includes:

  • The backing for any electrical meter board
  • Insulation for water tanks or hot water pipes
  • External or internal ventilators
  • Ridge capping
  • External wall sheeting
  • External toilets and sheds

Asbestos materials typically do not shed particles if in good condition and left undisturbed. You can test for asbestos in materials at your workplace by sending a sample to an accredited National Association of Testing Authorities asbestos testing laboratory.