What do you know about your treatment options for mesothelioma?

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After learning about your potential asbestos exposure, or after receiving a diagnosis for mesothelioma, you may want to know as much as possible about the fibrous material and cancer it causes. For instance, what mesothelioma treatment options should you consider?

Mayo Clinic explores various ways medical professionals address mesothelioma. Understand your treatment options while building your legal case.


With chemotherapy, health care professionals use chemicals to wipe out harmful cells. If surgery does not become a viable option, chemotherapy either impede cancer’s growth or shrinks it. Those who qualify for surgery may undergo chemotherapy before a procedure to make it easier or after a procedure to reduce recurrence.


Surgery sometimes cures mesothelioma when caught early on. Usually, surgeons cannot remove all cancer, but they could minimize symptoms and signs of mesothelioma. Specific surgical options include surgery to get rid of tissue around the lungs, surgery to reduce fluid buildup, surgery to extract a lung and its tissue, and surgery to get rid of as much cancer as possible.

Radiation therapy

This treatment option relies on powerful protons and X-ray beams to pinpoint specific body parts. Medical professionals may use the therapy post-surgery to wipe out remaining cancer cells.

Alternate treatment

One alternate treatment option for mesothelioma is immunotherapy, wherein the person’s immune system fights off cancer. Doctors may recommend it a patient does not respond to other treatments. Targeted therapy relies on medications that fight vulnerable cancer cells. Before considering targeted therapy, health care professionals first examine the tumor’s DNA.

You deserve to know all your opportunities to regain your health and peace of mind. Learning about treatment options helps you understand how to pursue damages from the responsible party.