How do you encounter asbestos in a workplace?

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Whether you have a risky job with a high chance of using building materials or just live in an older house, you may have heard of asbestos.

Due to the health risks associated with asbestos fibers, you should always stay aware of why working near this material is dangerous.

Accidental interaction with fibers

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a dangerous aspect of these fibers is that many people inhale them without realizing it. You may not notice any difference days after an incident, but years later you may have major health concerns.

This exposure can come from multiple sources, including places where construction workers or other employees often visit.

Old manufacturing items

Inadequate safety procedures in workplaces and other manufacturing areas can lead to this health issue. Items like floor tiles or plaster, along with roofing and pipe wrapping, can all hold asbestos within them if installation happened before current safety measures came into place.

Many older cars also have parts that, when worked on, can release asbestos particles into the air around you. Construction workers are not the only employees at risk for health concerns later in life.

Lack of safety precautions

A place of work failing to follow safety precautions or complete workplace assessments can lead to serious issues. The law requires workplaces to monitor the exact amount of exposure to asbestos when an employee interacts with an item that contains it.

If someone does not properly mark or warn others through the use of signs, then you may encounter asbestos fibers without realizing it. Keeping complete records of any interactions with this substance is important for workplaces. Asbestos particles are a danger in many lines of work.