Can mesothelioma have mental effects?

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Asbestos exposure has serious repercussions, including the cancerous condition called mesothelioma. This disease can ravage the body and many workers in construction – or even workers in old buildings – have to deal with this problem.

However, while most people focus on the obvious physical effects of cancer on the body, not as many people shine the spotlight on the potential psychological impacts that it may have.

Signs of PTSD

Coping Magazine looks into post-traumatic stress disorder. This is just one of the many potential issues that can arise from mesothelioma. Of course, getting diagnosed with any form of cancer proves traumatic for those who receive the diagnosis. This condition could last months or even years after the initial traumatic moment. Symptoms that accompany it include avoidance behavior, excessive vigilance and persistent negative thoughts.

Psychological and emotional struggles

Victims can also struggle to separate their emotional and psychological symptoms sometimes. Emotions will often vary greatly from person to person and come in extremely complex patterns. Many will experience guilt, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, anger and fear. Many of these feelings can overwhelm an individual at first with the intensity of the emotion.

Psychological symptoms differ, though they are often tied to emotional symptoms. These symptoms can also manifest in physical ways, which can initially trip up people who have never had to deal with them before. These manifestations can include trouble sleeping, anxiety, poor appetite, memory problems and concentration issues.

It is just as important to seek mental help as it is to seek physical help when going through recovery and treatment. This is a good way to ensure a better path to healing.