How to prove asbestos exposure was due to negligence

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If you developed an illness from asbestos exposure, the company that exposed you may owe damages. However, you must prove their negligence first.

According to the EPA, companies must identify and show transparency when manufacturing certain asbestos products. If you believe your asbestos exposure lacked transparency, you may have a negligence case.

Proving negligence

If you prove several elements, a company that exposed you to asbestos may face liability. First, you must verify the company had a legal responsibility to produce a safe product. Next, you must prove the company broke with that responsibility and caused you injury. Proving asbestos negligence requires a competent attorney who knows how to argue a case. It is among the more difficult damages to claim because the symptoms take a long time to manifest.

Causation is not easy to prove

Causation of the injury is the most challenging aspect to prove in an asbestos case. The defending company will attempt to prove their product did not harm you with scientific research. If a long period passes between exposure and your symptoms, you must prove that some other chemical did not cause your illness. Your attorney must also prove you faced exposure to great enough quantities to warrant an injury.

Proving negligence in an asbestos case requires a lot of evidence and a competent attorney. The symptoms you experience from exposure to asbestos, such as mesothelioma, might take decades to manifest themselves. Contact an attorney if you believe your mesothelioma is due to negligent asbestos exposure. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to prove your case.