Signs of asbestos exposure

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While the U.S. has long since banned asbestos in construction materials, the potential exposure still exists.

According to, approximately 39,000 Americans die annually due to asbestos-related diseases. Unfortunately, symptoms of exposure may take decades to appear.

Signs of exposure

The symptoms of asbestos exposure often mimic other symptoms, which may make it easier for people to ignore. Anyone who suspects or knows that exposure has occurred shout never take it likely. Initial symptoms include hoarseness, lingering cough and feeling a lack of air, tiredness and weight loss. More severe signs include swelling in the face or neck, coughing up blood and swallowing difficulties. If those appear, seek medical attention immediately.

Steps to take

Once strange symptoms appear, get a diagnosis as soon as possible. Unfortunately, asbestosis has no cure. Once a person receives the diagnosis, the lung damage will remain. Depending on the severity, a doctor may have options to ease the disease. People with mild symptoms may get prescribed an inhaler to make breathing easier or receive a recommendation to attend pulmonary rehabilitation or oxygen therapy. In some cases, exposure may lead to life-threatening illnesses, such as lung cancer, mesothelioma or pleural disease. This disease negatively changes lives both physically and mentally. People who know the exposure occurred due to others may have the grounds to file a lawsuit. These types of claims provide needed relief for medical bills and pain and suffering.

Although asbestos claims come with complexity and require significant time and research, victims should never give up their rights.