What is bronchiolitis obliterans?

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Exposure to asbestos creates numerous health problems in any individual. Unfortunately, asbestos is still used in many manufacturing processes and products today. Not only that, but many older buildings still have asbestos as part of the construction materials.

This can lead to more asbestos exposure than an individual may expect. And over time, this exposure can lead to unfortunate health side effects that can seriously impact your life.

How bronchiolitis obliterans manifests

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services discusses the health ramifications of bronchiolitis obliterans, otherwise known colloquially as popcorn lung. This is an inflammatory condition. It affects the bronchioles, which are the smallest airways in the lungs.

If you suffer from bronchiolitis obliterans, it means these airways have grown inflamed and damaged. They may face extensive scarring over time that causes the airways to get blocked. This can lead to shortness of breath, dry coughing, wheezing or fatigue.

Causes of bronchiolitis obliterans

This inflammation often stems from repeated irritation of the airways over time.  Rheumatoid arthritis and graft-versus-host disease are two possible sources. Other sources can include frequent respiratory infections or exposure to certain chemicals, like welding fumes or ammonia. Asbestos may act as a trigger as well.

Treatments can slow the progress or stabilize the condition, but there are no methods of curing bronchiolitis obliterans as of yet. Many victims who suffer from it due to exposure to toxins, chemicals and more often seek financial compensation accordingly. This helps you afford treatments that can improve your quality of life while living with this disease. Consider contacting legal help to learn more.