Top 3 high-risk locations mesothelioma development

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After years of looking into it, scientists now know that home and work environments can have a negative impact on people’s health. Not only that, but they can play a role in cancer development, too. Consider the case of asbestos, for example.

According to research, wherever there is asbestos, there is a risk of mesothelioma. As a building material that companies once widely used to make cars, houses, factories, office buildings, schools, churches, shelters and military equipment, countless Americans still come into contact with it without knowing. Think about the top three high-risk locations for a moment. Are you ever around any of them?

1. Construction sites

If you have spent years working as a construction worker, there is a good chance that you may have faced asbestos exposure at one or more of your job sites over the years. It is often in the fibers of corrugated sheeting, imported cement piping, roofing material and vinyl tiles, among other commercial supplies.

2. Power and chemical plants

Asbestos also often shows up in the fibers within power and chemical plant facilities. In these locations, officials have made efforts to eradicate areas of exposure, but not all of them have been successful. As a result, older employees in many of these locations have developed signs of mesothelioma later on.

3. Military vehicles and buildings

Although the United States government abolished the use of asbestos-containing materials years ago, there may still be a dangerous amount of it in outdated military vehicles and old buildings. As such, military personnel should be especially wary of possible exposure when working.

Many people do not realize that asbestos has impacted them until they develop symptoms. Regular health checkups and talking to a doctor can help you stay on top of the situation if you worry about the possibility of exposure.