Who can legally remove asbestos from schools?

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Illinois law dictates who can handle the removal of asbestos in public schools. The regulations are to ensure the process occurs in a safe manner, while also guaranteeing proper removal of all of the substance.

The law specifies that anyone conducting such services at schools must have a license and specific training. Each type of licensed worker has a distinct classification and job duties. There are two main categories: workers and professionals.

Worker classification

Workers are either laborers or contractors who work on asbestos removal projects. Laborers work under professionals, while contractors often work on a contract basis. They must have their own licensing and insurance.  The workers are the ones who do the actual removal of the substance and the physical labor involved in the process.

Professional classification

Professionals working on a removal project help to ensure everything goes smoothly. They do not do the actual work.

Project designers create a plan for workers to follow when removing the asbestos. They will coordinate with all parties to ensure compliance.

Project managers work for the school and coordinate efforts between the asbestos removal team and the school.

Air sampling professionals help to monitor the health and safety of the job site. They run tests to ensure the levels remain legal.

Supervisors are the closest professional to the work area. They oversee workers and ensure everything is occurring according to regulations.

Everyone on the job site works together to ensure the asbestos removal process goes smoothly and the project is a success.