Can you reduce your exposure to asbestos in the workplace?

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Exposure to asbestos can lead to serious health problems that prevent you from working. However, your line of work might put you at a higher risk of exposure than other professions.

Knowing how to protect yourself in the workplace may give you more control over your health. Your diligence might prevent dangerous diseases from impacting your life.

Limit your exposure

Entering your profession, you may have known full well that you will encounter asbestos. However, excessive exposure can have a crippling impact and is an outcome your employer should work hard to prevent. Some examples of ways they can limit your exposure include the following:

  • Imposing limits on the amount of time you spend in unprotected areas
  • Tracking your exposure over time to prevent excessive contact

If you suspect that asbestos exposure is to blame for the symptoms you currently experience, you should approach your employer for a solution.

Prioritize wearing personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment can do a lot to safeguard you from exposure. Some of the things you might wear include a respirator, some type of head covering, gloves, synthetic foot coverings and coveralls. A facepiece with an air purifier can also make a tremendous difference in your protection. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should also make sure to remove any asbestos-exposed clothing prior to leaving the workplace. Take a shower and put on clean clothing before returning home. This will prevent asbestos from contaminating your home and affecting those you love.

Staying safe from asbestos requires vigilance and common sense. Follow safety protocols and prioritize your health so you can stay safe.